All-in-one medication compliance management

Drive better health outcomes and generate additional revenue with an improved care management system.

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Better care

Real-time insight into patient medication compliance


Identify non-compliance early

Receive alerts when your patients take or miss medications to ensure healthy medication practices. Take your clinic's patient care practices to the next level.


Unlock a new revenue stream

With RTM, you can generate up to an additional $186 per patient per month, helping you promote better care and bill for new codes.

Step 1: Provide PatchCaps to your patients

Provide each patient with unlimited PatchCaps to track compliance on every medication you prescribe.

Step 2: Track and monitor compliance

We staff clinical success nurses to your team who monitor patient compliance and track all  RTM billing code activities.

Step 3: Submit your claims

We export patient compliance data and RTM billing code activities and upload directly into your EHR.

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A purpose-built, multi-faceted service created not just for providers, but patients too.

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