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Medication transparency at your fingertips.

Real time insights into your patient's health. Take a proactive approach to mitigating health risks.

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Real-time patient compliance

PatchRx promotes better compliance for your patients, but we also let you participate where you see fit. Monitor real-time medication compliance for your patients.

Quick interventions

Notice a patient mistook or missed a medication? Take quick action from our patient dashboard to keep them on track. Simple, quick, and effective.

Simple RTM code management

We know billing can be an arduous process so we've designed our simple to allow for easy tracking of various events and simple exporting to your patient's EHR.

Safe and secure

The PatchRx web portal is HIPAA compliant and maintains top-of-the-line security mechanisms through AWS to ensure the security of your and your patients information.

Get real insight into your patients' medication compliance today.

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