Set up your PatchCap and Gateway 2

Below are video and written instructions on how to set up your PatchCap and Gateway in just a few simple steps.

Written Instructions

First, let's set up your PatchCap!

Step 1

Remove your pill bottle's cap from the pill bottle.

Step 2

Remove the pull tab from the PatchCap.

Step 3

Remove the adhesive backing from the PatchCap.

Step 4

Apply the PatchCap to the inside of your pill bottle cap

Once installed, your PatchCap should look like the images below.

Step 5

Replace the pill bottle's cap on to your medication bottle.

Your PatchCap is now set up. Complete the final steps below to finish the gateway setup!

Step 6

Verify that the small end of the cable (A) is plugged into the side of the gateway (B), and that the large end of the cable (A) is plugged into the wall adapter (C).

Step 7

In the same room as where you store your medication, plug the wall plug (C) into a power outlet.

Step 8

After a few minutes of blinking, the blue and green lights should become constant, indicating that the device is connected.

Note: The red light will blink while the device turns on. If it ever becomes constant, reboot the device by unplugging & replugging it back in.

That's it! Your PatchCap and Gateway are now all set up and ready to track your medication adherence.

If you have more questions about how to install your PatchCap, Gateway, or about PatchRx, please contact your provider.