Improving medication adherence with smart-cap technology

PatchRx provides data-driven insights to help you and your patients monitor their medication adherence. Our system collects and analyzes data from the smart pill bottle caps to generate a comprehensive overview of each patient's medication history.

Universally-fit smart pill bottle cap (PatchCap) to track medication adherence

Patient SMS alerts for reminders and updates from care managers

Seamlessly integrate with your existing technology systems

PatchRx integrates seamlessly into your existing systems and technology, monitoring medication adherence and improving PDC to over 80%. With proactive intervention, PatchRx enhances the patient experience.

Gateway streams data via cellular to web portal & API – plug in and it’s live (no wifi or mobile app required)

PatchCaps last up to 9 months and can store dosage events up to 30 days without a Gateway upload

Stay ahead with PatchRx

Improve medication adherence, integrate seamlessly with your systems, and enhance patient care with our innovative smart-cap technology.


Does PatchRx ship directly to patients or just to us?

We can do either. Shipping directly to patients will incur a small fee (included in our contract), shipping directly to your warehouse or 3PL is an included service.

Does PatchRx offer support?

We offer customer support for you and your team available M - F 9 AM to 5 PM CT. During integration (via API), we offer a dedicated 10 hours of engineering support as needed – your dedicated integration specialist will provide assistance directly. Once live, you can request support directly at or through our Web App by clicking on the ‘?’ icon.

How often do patients need new gateways or patchcaps? How long do PatchCaps last?

We guarantee that PatchCaps will last >120 days, but we suggest patients to receive a new PatchCap ~90 days. Gateways last the patient’s lifetime typically, though we suggest exchanging Gateways every 3 years.

Can the data be integrated directly into our application? What is the timeline for integration?

Yes. We offer partners the ability to integrate our data via API directly. For more information on the specifics, request our API summary from your sales representative. Timeline for integration depends on your team’s bandwidth, experience, and urgency. Typically we see integration anywhere between 4 weeks and 16 weeks, with the latter being seldom.

How does PatchRx work for patients with pill sorters or with multiple medications?

PatchRx is designed for all patients, but primarily patients seeking to track one or two critical or high-risk medications. While we can offer multiple PatchCaps for several different medications with no issue, it’s not our typical use case.

Note: Additional fees may apply under the fee-for-service model.