Improve medication compliance
with RTM.

A universal smart compliance solution built to help your clinic capitalize on Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM).

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New RTM codes with new advantages.

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Improve patient outcomes.

Give your patients the highest level of care with granular adherence tracking. PatchRx offers a simple way to check in and keep your patients on track.

Health improvement

Reduce readmissions.

Keep your patients out of the hospital and reduce 30-day readmission by giving your patients something to help them take their medication, each and every day.


Increase medication transparency and promote better management.

Our compliance value-add is only part of the opportunity. PatchRx helps your patients stay on top of their medications and provides your practice transparency.

Learn how RTM can generate up to $2,178 per patient for your clinic

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See how PatchRx
works for you.

A purpose-built, multi-faceted service created for you and your patients' benefit.

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