True adherence data, streamlined.

Refills, adherence tracking, and connected care, all through the PatchRx app and web app.

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Data from every angle.

View granular insights for your patient demographics, insurers, medication types, and geographic locations.

Refills made easy.

Get your pharmacy special listing on our app. Patients can order refills directly to your entity - through fax or webapp.

Medications tracked.

Patients can manage medications manually or with PatchCaps. Allow your pharmacy to view these insights.

Boost adherence.

We reward patients for good adherence. Promote good behavior and better outcomes.

Health captured from inside the pill bottle.

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Insight into your pharmacy unlike any other.

A complete picture.

View and manage your patients all from our intuitive web app.

Daily adherence tracking

View trends in patient behavior

Address CMS Star Rating medications

Notify nonadherent patients immediately

Maximize intelligence.

Get all the insights on true adherence data and more through the web app for pharmacy. Better patient interaction and better insights leads to better care.

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Minimize effort.

Add the premium service of a patchcap to level up your pharmacy. Stick the PatchCap into a pill vial and leave the rest up to us. Real-time health monitoring from inside the pill bottle.

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Take the next step in medication management.

A feed designed for patients.

Patients can view their daily doses, their medication history and stats, and manage their rewards right from their dashboard. Hand-selected elements with intuitive design for the most seamless patient experience.

Two-touch simple refills.

There’s nothing worse than running out of medication. We’ve made refills simple and easy with two steps verification for users. We send faxed refill request to any registered pharmacy free along with any subscription plan.

Be healthy. Get rewarded.

Medication is designed to help, so we thought we’d repay the favor. Taking medication properly rewards users with star points that convert into in-pharmacy gift cards, among hundreds of other brands.


Security and compliance
for all regulations.

Use PatchRx’s proprietary insights into daily adherence and medication consistency to evaluate your pharmacy and enact better forecasting.


Approved as a Class 1 medical device to ensure safety and health of users.

hipaa compliant

All infrastructure and employees are certified as HIPAA compliant.

bluetooth 5.2

Most up to date BLE communication for safe, encrypted transmission.

AEs-Ccm encryption

Full-fledged encryption storage on all PatchCap devices for complete HIPAA compiance and safe storage of PHI.


Priced to fit every need.


/ month

Access and listing as sponsored pharmacy on PatchRx mobile app

Unlimited use for all registered pharmacy patients

Unlimited refills and medication transfers

Quarterly reports on adherence statistics

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/ month

Adherence insight

Adherence by type of medication

Adherence by demographic or geographic information

Data access

Unlimited access to dashboard data analytics on adherence insight

Unlimited data downloads exportable to CSV format

Free PatchRx mobile app and unlimited buddy connections

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enterprise plus

/ month

Enterprise benefits


/ each cap 
/ month

Unlimited PatchCaps for any medication

Real-time tracking for every medication

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Generate better data.
For everyone's benefit.

Supported by derived data that helps pharmacies, Pharma, insurance and healthcare providers.

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