All-in-one medication compliance management

Drive better health outcomes and generate additional revenue with an improved care management system.

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Improve care every step of the way.


Identify non-compliance early

Receive alerts when your patients take or miss medications to ensure healthy medication practices. Take your clinic's patient care practices to the next level.


Seamless implementation

PatchRx Clinic Success Nurses take the burden off your staff to seamlessly integrate PatchRx into your practices current workflows.

Step 1: Provide PatchCaps to your patients

Provide each patient with unlimited PatchCaps to track compliance on every medication you prescribe.

Step 2: Monitor and manage compliance

We staff your clinic with clinical success nurses who monitor your patients' compliance and track all  RTM billing code activities.

Step 3: Submit your claims

Our team exports and uploads patient compliance data and RTM billing code activities directly to your EHR for streamlined submission of claims.

See how PatchRx works
for your clinic.

A purpose-built, multi-faceted service created not just for providers, but patients too.

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